Happy Easter, Passover and Spring From All of Us at Muse!

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Perfect for Easter, Passover and Celebrating Spring

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Whatever you’re celebrating in March and April, be it Easter, Passover, or the Vernal Equinox (or all of the above!) here’s a wine package for you! Erato pairs beautifully with smoked ham or matzo ball soup with its bright, aromatic, crisp notes where Thalia is the perfect match for oyster stew or gefilte fish! Try Clio or Petit Verdot to accompany a delicious roast leg of lamb or beef brisket. Give this award-winning quartet to friends or family for their holiday celebrations. They won’t be disappointed. 

Clio 2017
This is a fine wine from a fine vintage. Its flavors are melded beautifully and flow seamlessly; both a sensual and cerebral pleasure at the same time. (It is a Bordeaux-style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Franc and Petit Verdot.) Matured in French barrels. ABV 14.2%.

Thalia 2019
This wine is a rich blend of the Rhone Valley white grapes Marsanne and Roussanne. It is fermented and undergoes malolactic conversion in French barrels where it is aged sur lees for one year to produce a complex, layered wine of depth and balance. This a wine for those who enjoy a full and rounded white with roasted turkey. ABV 13.2 %.

Petit Verdot 2017

This wine is proof that Bordeaux’s orphan grape Petit Verdot has found its “forever home” at Muse vineyards in the Shenandoah Valley. The vines were in their tenth year in the warm dry vintage of 2017, their grapes ripened gently and fully. To be sure, this is a bigger wine than the ’17 Franc, but that’s its uncomplicated nature – foursquare, solid and satisfying. ABV 14%. Alcohol 14.00%

Erato NV
NV Erato, the goddess of Greek mythology derived her name from the word “lovely,” which is what this aromatic steel fermented wine is. The distinct aroma comes from a small portion of Muscat Blanc á Petit Grains grown on slate soils in our highest elevation vineyard. It is a splendid aperitif wine. ABV 12.1%

A Note on Pricing

Because viticulture is difficult in Virginia (heavy rains, late season rots, mildews, hard Spring frosts, cold winters, etc.) some wineries believe it justifies charging a premium for their wines. We don’t share that view – we chose to develop a vineyard and winery here and nobody should be expected to subsidize that choice. Hand-tended and harvested vines produce better wine, so the added expense of that kind of labor intensive viticulture is recouped in a bottle price that is objectively reflective of that quality. At Muse we insist on a fair value-to-price ratio, i.e. there’s no premium charged just because it’s Virginia wine – each wine we sell must stand on its own two feet as worth its price. Our quartet selections can be put up against a similar style of wine (for example, a barrel fermented white (e.g. white Burgundy) or a Bordeaux blend, e.g a Napa/Sonoma meritage) at the same retail price – assuming you can even find one in the $20-30 range – and our wine will always equal and in most cases exceed the quality of that wine. If you ever have reason to disagree, please tell us.