Voices of Muse

Emma’s Eye View on the Year 2023

Relax and enjoy a glass of wine with me!

Dear Friends,

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written about what’s going on around here. Somehow, I thought that ChatGPT would just do it automatically, but it turns out that you must set up a program! Maybe I will put that on my list of New Year’s Resolutions, but to finish 2023 I’ll give you the pre-AI version of life at Muse Vineyards!

I’m pretty sure it was one of the driest summers on record—at least that’s so for my 10 summers here. The pond and river that I’m used to jumping in everyday on my walks around the vineyard were practically not even there! And I’m a water dog so it was particularly painful for me, but I imagine for all living creatures—even cats need some water—although they don’t seem to like it over-much. (But I digress). In sum the only thing that benefited was the grapes! Since we are a vineyard that can’t be discounted, I suppose. The total amount of fruit harvested was less than in 2022, but the grapes were beautiful, sweet and with concentrated flavors not diluted by water. Keep your eye out for when we release the 2023 vintages because they will be superb.

I’ve been watching the new construction at the winery. We had outgrown the old space for tanks and barrels, and some of the new, more sophisticated winery equipment like pumps and elevators didn’t fit either. So, this spring a new concrete floor was poured and after harvest they continued with the walls and roof. By the time the next harvest comes around I won’t have to squeeze by the tanks in my rounds of the winery making sure that no creatures that shouldn’t be there have crept it.

We’ve been accumulating more medals and awards! Blue ribbons in the Shenandoah Cup for Petit Verdot, Clio, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. The Petit Verdot 2020 was selected as one of the “top six” in the Shenandoah Valley AVA. Erato scored gold at the Atlantic Seaboard Competition. And farther from home, Muse also brought in top honors in the Boston Wine Competition, including the Petit Verdot which won Best in Class. As Robert said, it’s proof that Petit Verdot has found its perfect home at Muse Vineyards! Now we will see about the Virginia Governor’s Cub and the San Diego and San Francisco competitions which will be judged early next year. Let the best wines win! And of course, let them be Muse!

And so, as the year ends, I send you my best wishes for a bright and beautiful holiday season and new year. I love snow and predictions are that this will be a snowy winter. I’m crossing my paws! You’ll find me here when you come to visit, maybe for one of the fireside dinners on Thursday and Friday evenings, or to pick up a Holiday Bundle?