Our Wine Making

“When grapes are allowed to speak for themselves,” Robert notes, “they speak of the place where they were grown. They speak of the climate. They even reveal things about how the vines were treated.  But, just as many abused life forms become mute, you can silence vines through adulteration of their fruit.  There are catalogs with hundreds of things to add to a wine. Resist the impulse.”

Muse chooses to make its Chardonnay using the classic Burgundy method of fermentation in oak barrels. This adds to the complexity of the wine. “But,” Robert explains, “there still remains a fine line between winemakers pursuing their own visions and then trying to pour the results down the throats of consumers and being respectful of other’s preferences. Honestly, nobody’s right. Nobody’s wrong. As long as a wine’s cleanly made from grapes grown with integrity, drink what you like.”