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Emma’s Eye View on Squirrel Appreciation Day

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Open the door so I can chase squirrels!

Dear All,

I guess it’s not too late to say Happy New Year! After a busy holiday season, it’s been quiet around here. I was excited to hear yesterday that we came up with Big Wins at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. Our Roussanne won a Double Gold! That means no judge rated it less than 90 points! And Nebbiolo 2017 and Nebbiolo 2016 both picked up Gold Medals. When you consider that the SF Chronicle competition is the largest one in the Nation with over 6,000 wines entered, I thought it was super that we got 3 gold medals for 3 entries. 3/3 is called “Batting a Thousand” where I come from. (Which, despite my French pedigree, happens to be Columbus, Indiana!)
Somebody told me that January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day! I was mystified by that. Who could appreciate a squirrel? It’s one of the few small mammals around here that I’ve never been successful at catching, so easy to understand my feelings. I read a column in the Northern Virginia Daily that squirrels are the most popular small game animal among Shenandoah Valley hunters. As the author of the column said, “It’s hard to think of a better way to spend a winter day than pursuing this challenging quarry.” Well, I agree with him! Except there are far too many trees around here and just when I think I’ve got him cornered, *poof!* up a tree he goes. So no, I don’t appreciate squirrels. Too frustrating! Give me a rabbit, groundhog, or possum to chase and it’s a fair game! But it keeps me amused and helps maintain my slim and trim figure even though I am now what they call “a mature dog!”
I’m looking forward to spring but first, there’s the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day. Hope to see you as you stock up your wine cellars for these events. Supply chain issues have been challenging but we expect to have some new wines bottled soon including Rosé (more than one rose varietal I believe) and a new sparkling wine (Blanc de Blancs) that has been in the making for almost three years—twelve months in stainless steel tanks and now 18 months undergoing secondary fermentation in the bottle. I can’t wait to hear the pop of the cork and have the bubbles tickle my nose!
You all take care. I hope your favorite teams win in the NFL playoffs (I don’t really have a favorite, but I sure think Tom Brady’s cool) and that we see you at Muse! You might find me chasing a squirrel! Or curled up in front of the fireplace dreaming of the day when I catch one! That will be Squirrel Appreciation Day for moi!
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