Muse News – October 2019

What a Difference a Year Makes: A Robust 2019 Crop!

Grape Harvest Virginia Muse VineyardsWhat a difference a year makes! 365 little days since last year’s disappointing rain-soaked, mildew prone, sad grapes, mostly by this date harvested (and made into various Rosés(!) to this year’s robust crop. We’ve harvested most of the white grapes at this point, but with the exception of Gamay to make again the popular Vin Gris de Gamay, the reds are enjoying the last days of summer heat. With the contrast of cool nights and the drought that has been around for the last month, we are expecting a wonderful 2019 harvest!

We’ll be harvesting a few of our unusual reds for the first time— an Austrian red called Lemberger for example. And we expect to have a good showing for Nebbiolo and SanGiovese, the Italian stalwarts we know so well from Barolo and Chianti wines.

Stay tuned as well for upcoming releases of the Clio 16 as well as 2017 Chardonnay and Thalia.

Join us for our Harvest Day event on October 19, 2019. There may be still fruit on some vines and co-owner Robert Muse is planning to lead a vineyard walk at 2:30 pm. Music by Zach Funkhouser in the Pergola will follow at 5:00pm.