Muse Thanksgiving Trio 2021

There’s no wine that hasn’t been said to pair well with roast turkey – from delicate Pinot Noir and soft Beaujolais to huge Lodi Zinfandel and Australian Shiraz, and from bright, aromatic Rieslings to brawny Alsatian Pinot Gris – it has all been recommended at one time or another. And rightly so, it is purely a matter of personal taste. We offer a Thanksgiving wine trio that will enhance your bird and its accompaniments. As Ben Franklin wrote to a French comte (who needed no persuading, surely): “Wine is a constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.”

So, Cheers! and Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Muse.

Muse Vineyards Thanksgiving Trio 2021

Our 2021 Thanksgiving Trio Includes:

Roussanne 2020
Roussanne returns to Muse after an absence of a few years when we were exclusively blending it with Marsanne and Viognier to make our Rhone blend called Thalia. A white grape variety, Roussanne is aged for one year in new and neutral French oak barrels. It has undergone a partial malolactic fermentation and has notes of peach and apple and a long finish. This wine is great to drink now, but could also be put in the cellar and enjoyed for the next several years. 12.4% ABV.

Cabernet Franc NV
This is a plush wine of depth and complexity from a great vintage. Aged for over two years in French barrels this Franc is a tribute to the gentle marriage of fine-grained oak and red wine. Its tannins are well-integrated and frame the wine perfectly. Its flavors meld and flow seamlessly. A wine to think about while drinking, as it will insistently remind you. ABV 13.7%.

Pichet 2019
This is a light-bodied refreshing red wine made primarily from young-vine Cabernet Franc, berry flavors that predominate in the fruit of these young vines. It is what you would find by the carafe (“pichet”) on the terrace of a French cafe where it lubricates conversation and feeds a bonhomie that, mostly, ends well! ABV 12%.

Supplies Limited.

List Price $78 | $68 ($10 Savings) | Wine Club Members $63 ($15 Savings)

Deadline for online orders is Monday, November 22. Discount is applied at checkout.

Available for pickup in our Tasting Room until Wednesday, November 24 at 6pm.
Give us a call at (540) 459-7033 and we’ll have your wine ready for you when you arrive!

A Note on Pricing

Because viticulture is difficult in Virginia (heavy rains, late season rots, mildews, hard Spring frosts, cold winters, etc.) some wineries believe it justifies charging a premium for their wines. We don’t share that view – we chose to develop a vineyard and winery here and nobody should be expected to subsidize that choice. Hand-tended and harvested vines produce better wine, so the added expense of that kind of labor intensive viticulture is recouped in a bottle price that is objectively reflective of that quality. At Muse we insist on a fair value-to-price ratio, i.e. there’s no premium charged just because it’s Virginia wine – each wine we sell must stand on its own two feet as worth its price. Our Thanksgiving Quartet selections can be put up against a similar style of wine (for example, a barrel fermented white (e.g. white Burgundy) or a Bordeaux blend, e.g a Napa/Sonoma meritage) at the same retail price – assuming you can even find one in the $20-30 range – and our wine will always equal and in most cases exceed the quality of that wine. If you ever have reason to disagree, please tell us.